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Youth Relations Bureau

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Captain Capt. Beth Jones      239-252-0144    email
Lieutenant Lt. Brian Brennan 239-252-0144 email
Admin. Sergeant Sgt. Robert Bredwell  239-252-0137 email
Secretary Christine Chappell 239-252-0144 email
Immokalee & Everglades      
Immokalee & Everglades Schools  
Sgt. Kain Mills 239-252-0144 email
Golden Gate      
Golden Gate Schools Sgt. Tiffany Castle 239-252-0108 email
North Naples      
North Naples Schools Sgt. Mike Butcher 239-252-0138 email
North Naples Schools Sgt. Jared Browning 239-252-0136 email
Golden Gate Estates      
Golden Gate Estates Schools Sgt. Mel Gonzalez 239-252-0126 email 
East Naples      
East Naples Schools 
Sgt. Luke Arnold 239-252-0140 email
Naples / City of Naples Schools  Sgt. Ron Turi  239-252-0144  email