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Youth Programs, Putting Kids First

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Kids First - committed to collier county youth.

For decades the Youth and Delinquency Services Division of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office has created and sponsored exceptional youth programs. These programs are diverse and offer valuable resources to parents and youth of all ages. Youth programs prevent crime, assist parents with ungovernable youths and assist the juvenile court and juvenile probation. Because of our commitment to youth, Collier County remains a safe and desirable community to raise a family.
If you would like more information or have questions regarding any of our youth programs, please contact the Youth and Delinquency Services Division by calling (239) 793-9260.

Youth Relations Deputies in Your Schools
Deputies in our schools promote safety and prevent crime. They work with school administrators and serve as resources to parents. They provide short-term intervention counseling, student mentoring, classroom instruction and referral services for students and parents.

Junior Deputy Program
This program was developed in 1961 and is one of the oldest running youth programs in Collier County. All fourth-grade students in the county are enrolled as Junior Deputies and receive monthly presentations on topics designed to help them become more responsible citizens. One favorite activity is Junior Deputy’s Day at the Collier County Fair.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education - DARE
The DARE program, adopted by CCSO in 1992, helps young people resist the temptations and pressures to experiment with drugs. The 10-week program is taught to all fifth-grade students. All fifth-graders attend the annual DARE/Junior Deputy’s Spring Campout.

Do the Right Thing
The Do the Right Thing program was adopted in January 1998 and rewards Collier County’s youth for good deeds, exemplary behavior and even acts or heroism. This award is also given to children who, in some way, have beaten the odds to become model citizens.

Teen Driver Challenge
The Florida Sheriff’s Association in conjunction with the CCSO presents a two-day training course which provides teens with
knowledge and hands-on experience to reduce their chances of being involved in a crash. Collier County High
School students between the ages of 16 and 18 who have a valid Florida license can participate in the program. Training
is conducted by a certified law enforcement trainer. Students are required to bring their own vehicle to class.

Teen Academy
The CCSO Teen Academy is for high school seniors who are leaders and role models among their peers. The Teen Academy exposes participants to different community components within Collier County, including county government,
law enforcement, local business, agriculture, and the environment. The academy’s goal is to broaden the participant’s perspective of Collier County and promote a strong sense of community.

Truancy and LEAD Program
Truancy and LEAD Program is a partnership with the Collier County Public Schools. Deputies track and monitor truancy. A student who is found to be truant is given the option of participating in several programs and parents are offered the Law Enforcement Against Drugs (LEAD) testing program. LEAD provides a free drug test kit to parents who might suspect their child is using drugs.

Juvenile at Risk - JAR intervention
JAR involves a one-day intervention experience for at-risk youth between 10 and 15 years of age. The parent-referred program
has been designed for juveniles who are exhibiting unruly or ungovernable behavior and the child’s primary caregiver has lost
control of the child.

The DEPUTY Club is a summer program sponsored by CCSO in partnership with many local businesses. The DEPUTY Club is open to all elementary students. Participants take part in various activities and learn how to stay safe in their schools and their communities. Demonstrations and activities include a bicycle safety rodeo course along with various field trips each week.

Hot Summer Nights
Hot Summer Nights is a free program presented by CCSO and community partners to provide a safe, fun-filled, positive environment for youth to spend time during the summer months. Twice a week events are held at different sites throughout the county. Each event has fun activities for youth, from 10 to 17 years of age such as, movies, swimming, carnival games, video games, dancing, roller skating, rock wall climbing and more.

Street Gang Unit
CCSO is committed to the suppression of criminal street gangs. Gang awareness training is routinely offered to community and parent groups, educating them on ways to prevent a child’s involvement in gang activity. The Street Gang Unit tracks and monitors gang members, trends and activities.

Serious Habitual Offender Comprehensive Action Program - SHOCAP
Approximately seven percent of juvenile offenders become habitual offenders and SHOCAP monitors these juvenile offenders.

Juvenile Arrest and Monitoring - JAM
The JAM program focuses on first-and second-time non-violent offenders who are under the age of 18 and are placed on juvenile probation with the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Child Fingerprinting and Identification
Deputies visit various events throughout Collier County and distribute child identification kits to parents. These kits are helpful in the event a child is reported missing. The kits provide law enforcement with the child’s fingerprints, physical description and hair sample for DNA testing. The kits are kept by the child’s parents and are given to law enforcement only in the event of an emergency.

Internet Children's Safety Tips
A special crime prevention and child safety Web page has been created by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office. The page addresses many issues our youth are confronted with such as gun safety, sex crimes on the internet, abduction prevention, daycare, babysitters, latch key children, missing children and current local and national trends that affect child safety. Visit the Youth Relations page at

Explorer Posts
The CCSO sponsors two Explorer Posts, which are a part of the Boy Scouts of America scouting program. Designed for students 14 years of age or older, Explorers allow the student an opportunity to learn about and interact with law enforcement. Explorers also assist the agency with parking, page control and other duties during a special community event.

Explorer Cadet Program
Middle school students who maintain a C average or better can join the Sheriff’s Cadet Explorer program. The cadets participate in many of the same type of programs as their older counterparts and may join an Explorer Post once they turn 14 years of age.