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Do The Right Thing Winners

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"Do The Right Thing" Winners 2017 - 2018

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 "WINNERS"


Grant Anderson ~  Oakridge Middle - 6th Grade

A large sum of money was stolen from the locker room at school. Numerous students were aware that the theft had occurred but did not report the incident to the school or the Youth Relations Deputy. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Grant alone provided the Deputy with information that led to the person who was responsible for the theft. The stolen  money was recovered and returned to it’s rightful owner. Grant refused to sit idly by and allow and incident like this to take place in his school unchallenged. His honesty and determination in helping a fellow classmate and law enforcement epitomize the meaning of Doing The Right Thing!

Carlos Knasel ~ Manatee Elementary - 1st Grade

While in the family pool Carlos saw his one year old sister walk to the edge of the other end and fall in and sink to the bottom. Carlos immediately swam over, dove down and   retrieved his sister as other family members jumped in to assist. 9-1-1 was called as she was unconscious but  breathing when she was pulled out of the water. She was taken to the hospital and has since recovered. If it weren’t for Carlos’ quick thinking and action there could have been a different outcome. Thank you Carlos for your heroism and for Doing The Right Thing! 

Daira Espinoza ~ Poinciana Elementary - 5th Grade

While stationed at Golden Gate High School for hurricane shelter duty during hurricane Irma, Cpl. Grundeman and Cpl. Eggleston-Negron met the Espinoza family. While at the shelter Daira and her mother took it upon themselves to clean things up and make it more livable as others were  becoming frustrated at the conditions there (no power or water). If there was a spill, they mopped it up. They were constantly sweeping and picking up after other evacuees.

Daira was also an interpreter for those that didn’t speak English and were trying to get assistance. Thank you Daira (and Mom) for making the shelter a much better place to ride out the storm and for Doing The Right Thing!

Emrah Aditatar ~ Sabal Palm Elementary - 5th Grade

In a time when we teach children to stand up and speak out against bullying or treating others unfairly, not always do students have the courage to do so. Emrah did both in such a mature and heartfelt manner. Some students were making fun of people being "retarded" and "autistic". Emrah saw the hurt on his friends face then spoke out trying to raise  awareness to their words, but it continued. This was especially troublesome to him because in PE they completed a unit regarding Special Olympics, awareness that words hurt, and Loretta Claiborne was the guest  speaker at our school that day.  So, Emrah decided to talk with a couple boys, one on one, with his school counselor. He was so honest, heartfelt, mature, and insightful with the delivery of his message. Such as, words are powerful, words can hurt, and you may not know who is around that it may effect. Emrah also brought up examples from the movie , lessons, and the guest speaker. Emrah confidently, with humility, raise two peers awareness to possible consequences of their actions. Emrah has been a victim of ridicule in the past, but has turned his life lessons into feeling for others.  Thank you Emrah for your thoughtfulness and caring for others and for Doing The Right Thing! 

Elijah Fonseca ~ Cypress Palm Middle - 8th Grade

In early January Elijah went to the school guidance counselor and told her that his girlfriend was having thoughts of harming herself. Although some of her friends may have known about this Elijah was the only one to come forward to make sure that she got some help. Your compassion and caring is to be commended. Thank you Elijah for Doing The Right Thing!

Peyton Sagesse - 3rd Grade ~ Nicolas Periche - 3rd Grade ~ Veteran’s Memorial Elementary

On a Thursday in October, the 3rd grade from Veteran’s Memorial went on a field trip to Artis Naples. After sitting for about 10 minutes, Peyton bent over and found a    women’s ring on the floor in front of him. He immediately picked it up and got his teachers attention to show her what he had found. He was directed to a nearby attendant and turned it over to him.

On the same trip Nicolas happened to locate a man’s   wallet on the floor with all of it’s contents. After alerting his teacher, he also turned the wallet over to an Artis attendant.

Thank you Peyton and Nicolas for your honesty and for Doing The Right Thing!

Hailey Bernau ~ Barron Collier High - 9th Grade

Hailey is an amazing student and person. She has gone through some rough times and has managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA and stays positive throughout those times. She is a very active volunteer with the Sheriff's Office SUMMERfest programs, including Deputy Club, Teen Academy and Build-A-Chair. She also volunteers during Spring Break at Camp. Thank you Hailey for your volunteerism and for Doing The Right Thing!

Faith Telesca ~ Collier Charter - 1st Grade

Faith is a most caring and compassionate child. Besides being and a straight A student and cheering for Gulf Coast High School Mini's, she spends her free time fundraising for the less fortunate and recently those impacted by Hurricane Irma. She raised money by setting up lemonade stands and using her own money to help families in need as well as provide hot meals for 1st responders (She delivered hot spaghetti and meatball dinner to a local fire station). Faith has touched many in her community with her thoughtfulness and  giving spirit (we actually received 3 submissions about her).  Faith, thank you for your compassion for others and your community.  You are a wonderful example of Doing The Right Thing! 

Meghan Kampmeyer ~ Gulf Coast High - 9th Grade

On Friday September 08, 2017, North Naples Middle School opened it’s doors to become an emergency shelter for people seeking safety in the wake of hurricane Irma. As you can imagine, this was a very stressful time with people not only concerned with their safety, but also not knowing what might be left afterwards. With tension and anxiety running high Meghan immediately jumped in and started helping people. She did this by offering a calm demeanor and congenial personality by talking to numerous evacuees and seeing to their needs. Throughout this difficult time at the shelter she was constantly observed offering assistance an helping with luggage, accommodations and easing concerns they may have had. She did this with the young, the elderly and anyone that she thought needed assistance. She was relentless with her compassion and as a result the evacuees started calling her the “Mayor” of the shelter. Her positivity and warm personality helped keep a dignified and calm atmosphere before, during and after the hurricane which turned the shelter into a home for many. Meghan, you truly exemplify the meaning of            Do The Right Thing! Thank you.

Nathaniel Anderson ~ Oakridge Middle - 8th Grade

When it comes to being honest Nathaniel is a prime example.  On a Wednesday in October found a watch along side of the road. He took the watch home and gave it to his mother. His mother called CCSO and turned it into a deputy. While the watch, a Rolex  Presidential model was later deemed to be a counterfeit, this was not known until several days later. Thank you Nathaniel for your honesty and integrity by Doing The Right Thing!   

Connor Doyle ~ Gulf Coast High - 11th Grade

Connor volunteered in the auditorium shelter during hurricane Irma. Connor worked all night in the wind and pouring rain helping evacuees bring their families and belongings into the shelter. He also took care of the pets that entered the shelter, even carrying a 100 pound dog in from the pouring rain that was shaking with fear. He knew the names of all of the animals, checked on them regularly, took them for walks (weather permitting) and eased their owners’ worries (knowing that they were in good hands). His spirit of volunteerism was truly amazing! He definitely exemplifies the true spirit of going above and beyond. Thank you Connor, for keep everyone calm (especially the animals) during such a stressful time and for Doing The Right Thing!

Diana Espinoza-Flores ~ Shadowlawn Elementary - 2nd Grade

While walking back from the cafeteria after lunch, Diana found a $10.00 bill in the bushes near the sidewalk. She ran right up to her teacher telling her that she had found the money and said we should find out who it belongs to. Many children would’ve just put the money in their pocket without another thought. She showed a great deal of honesty and integrity  by turning over the money to her teacher and showing concern for who might have lost it. Thank Diana for your honesty and for Doing The Right Thing! 


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