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Do The Right Thing Winners

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"Do The Right Thing" Winners 2018 - 2019

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 "WINNERS"



Victoria Carroll, Chris Campo & Jade Chegwidden

Gulf Coast High - 11th Grade

During band camp in August 2018, a student started to have a  seizure. Victoria Carroll, Chris Campo and Jade Chegwidden, all certified life guards employed at Sun N Fun Lagoon and members of the marching band jumped right into action working in concert to ensure the student didn't harm himself and worked him through the seizure. They instructed adult chaperones to contact 911, but also gave immediate instructions as to what was needed to stabilize  the student. The 3 were able to relay pertinent information to emergency responders regarding the episode. Their training kicked right in and they handled the situation with such care and professionalism. Thank you all for Doing The Right Thing!

Jaela O'Meara & Kimora Lyon

Estates Elementary - 5th Grade

During the first month of school (9/14/18), a kindergarten student was having a hard time adjusting to a new place. Two 5th grade students, Kimora Lyon and Jaela O'Meara, saw the kinder student sitting in the cafeteria crying. They were waiting to go to class. They took it upon themselves to make his day a little better. Without being told, they comforted the kinder student while he ate breakfast and until he went to his classroom. Principal Rexford heard what had happened and informed Counselor Slusher. Counselor Slusher rewarded the good behavior by giving the students 10 Panther Bucks to use in the school PBIS store. Again on their own, they thought of the little boy. The students decided to use the 10 Panther Bucks on two heart rings, not for themselves but for the kindergartener and his mother. They came up with the idea that he could keep one while his mother kept the other one. A symbol that mother and son will always be together.
I'm sure that Jaela and Kimora may have thought it was a small gesture at the time but they might of changed one little boys whole year. A true sign of compassion and putting others before oneself. Thank you Kimora and Jaela for your kindness and for Doing The Right Thing!

Jeriah Wood

Lake Park Elementary - 2nd Grade

In today's school environment, kids are asked that if they see something, to say something. Jeriah did just that when he         observed a fellow classmate with a toy gun that he had brought to school. The student brought the toy gun in his backpack and was showing other students the gun just prior to the start of school. Jeriah knew that this was something that needed to be brought to the attention of his teacher and he instinctively did so. He recognized that this was not a good decision made by his classmate. He knew that for safety reasons, he needed to say something and he had the courage to do so. Thank you Jeriah for Doing The Right Thing!

Saniya Van Kust

Lely Elementary - 5th Grade

Saniya is a very dedicated and hardworking 5th grade student at Lely Elementary, who is a member of the Safety Patrol. Saniya shows up for her morning car rider line duties 10 minutes before her fellow Safety Patrol to help get fellow students out of the cars. Saniya is the most responsible Safety Patrol that works the car rider line and always shows up and waits to be dismissed before leaving for class from her car rider duties. One morning at the  beginning of school, there was a kindergartener that did not want to get out of his car and go to the cafeteria. Once the staff helped the child out of the car, Saniya walked him down to the cafeteria. The boy was very upset and crying and Saniya was able to calm him down. From that day on, Saniya took it upon  herself to watch for that car (she remembered the vehicle) and would go and help the kindergartener get out of his car and walk him to class without the staff even having to ask her. Most mornings this student is upset when he gets out of his car and will continue to cry and  refuse to walk through the school's gates until he sees Saniya. Saniya smiles at him, holds his hand and then calms him down by talking to him as she walks him to the cafeteria. The car rider line would not run as smoothly as it does without the help of responsible Saniya. Thank you Saniya for your kindness and   caring for others and for Doing The Right Thing!

Angel Perez

Naples High - 10th Grade

Angel observed a man that was in distress at the community pool. He pulled the man from the pool and called 911.
First responders arrived and started CPR. A deputy on scene advised that if not for Angel's actions the victim would not have  survived. A doctor later advised that the quick response of all involved saved the victim's life and that he is expected to make a full recovery. Thank you Angel for your quick actions and for Doing The Right Thing!

Woodley Auguste

Mike Davis Elementary - 5th Grade

In Late October, while playing during recess, Woodley spotted another 5th grader playing with a pocket knife and a toy car. Woodley told him to put it away but the child stated "no, I won't get in trouble." Woodley, wanting to keep the boy and others safe, told the recess assistant what was happening. The knife was recovered and the incident passed with no injuries. Thank you Woodley for being safe and for caring about your fellow students and for Doing The Right Thing!

Jack Avila

Big Cypress Elementary - 1st Grade

Corporal Libbey was speaking with a students mother, Alison, on the morning of September 17th. Alison told him that Jack's    grandfather had a massive heart attack at home over the weekend. Jack called 911 and stayed on the phone with them, while Jack's mom started CPR. Jack remained on the phone the entire time, telling dispatch what his mom was doing. Jack opened the front door to allow both the CCSO and EMS in. Having Jack on the phone allowed his mother to continue CPR until help arrived. Jack was telling dispatch that his mom was "doing push-ups on his grandfather and breathing for him" Jack's grandfather was transported to the hospital where he was expected to make a full recovery. Congratulations on Doing The Right Thing Jack!

Michael George Perez

Calusa Park Elementary - Kindergarten

On 10-23-18, a 3rd grade student that lives at Wildwood lake apartments (next to school) had missed his bus and his parents had already left for work. In an attempt to get to school the student tried to climb the 8 foot fence between the school and the apartments. He got stuck and had to climb back down on the apartment side. Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Broccolo saw the    situation from her classroom and went to get assistance from the office having another teacher watch her class. She had      kindergartner Michael Perez stand by the opened classroom door and watch the student who was alone and stuck on the other side of the fence. Michael was instructed to watch and make sure no one goes near the student while she got help from the school deputy. An adult approached the student and Michael immediately started yelling for help and kept yelling stranger! stranger! and get away from him. His yelling got the attention of the teacher who immediately ran over to the fence (the stranger was an off duty deputy who lived in the community). The deputy brought the student over to the school in her work vehicle and everyone was able to continue their school day safely. Considering Michael is only 6 years old we were very impressed with how seriously he took his job of watching out for this other student and how quickly he knew to yell stranger and for help. We are very proud of Michael and believe he definitely did the right thing! Way to go Michael and keep Doing The Right Thing!

Janely Lopez

Mike Davis Elementary - 5th Grade

While at school during recess Janely found a wallet in a field. The wallet contained an Identification card with the owners name, debit cards, credit cards, and money. She could've ignored it, but she happily turned it all in to school staff. Everyone at MDE is so proud of Janely! Thank you Janely for your honesty and for Doing The Right Thing! 


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