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Senior Drivers - Car Fit

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Senior Car Fit


Although relatively few deaths of older (over 55) drivers involve motor vehicles, they have higher rates of fatal crashes than all but the youngest drivers.

Why is that?

 - Older drivers do not cope as well as younger ones with complex traffic situations and multiple-vehicle crashes at intersections increas markedly with age.

 - Older people are more susceptible than younger ones to medical complications following motor vehicle crash injuries. This means they are more likely to die from their injuries.


Would you like to check how well your personal vehicle "fits" you? The CarFit program was developed through collaboration among the American Society on Aging, AAA AARP and the American Occupational Therapy Association.

Trained specialists go through a 12-point checklist to see how well you and your car go together. 

Call to get more information or make an appointment please call 239-252-0231

Check out these valuable on-line tools from AAA is a Web site for senior drivers, their families and anyone wanting more information on older drivers.

Test your driving skills, take this quick evaluation.

Roadwise Reveiw is an on-line tool that tests certain physical and mental abilities that are significant for safe driving.

Drivers 55 Plus is a 15 question self-survey that you may take to assess your driving.

Print this How To Help An Older Driver brochure. This brochure helps families and friends of senior drivers help to maintain their independence and mobility without sacrificing safety.

OLDER & WISER. Watch this video highlighting important factors related to the safe driving ability of older drivers.