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Child Passengers & Car Seat Safety

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Every child is a precious gift. It is tragic for a child to be injured or killed in a motor vehicle crash.

But the facts still remain…motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death and injury to young children.

If children are not properly restrained while traveling in a motor vehicle, they do not have a fair chance if the vehicle swerves sharply, makes a sudden stop or is in a collision.

When transporting a child in a motor vehicle, Florida law requires that you must properly use a child restraint system conforming to applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards…it could mean your child's life.

This section will help you understand some child restraint basics and guide you in protecting your children every time you travel in a vehicle.

Click here for more information on child passenger safety.

Click here to read Florida Statute 316.613, which governs child restraint requirements.

Click here to read Florida Statute 316.614, which governs safety belt useage.