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Aggressive Driving

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Aggressive driving causes crashes and deaths on our roadways.

Florida law defines “aggressive careless driving” as 2 or more of the following, at the same time, or one right after each other:

    - speeding 
    - changing lanes unsafely or without signaling 
    - tailgating 
    - failing to yield the right of way 
    - illegal passing 
    - running red lights, stop signs, or yield signs

If you find yourself driving carelessly, there are some things you can do to keep yourself and other drivers safe. 

    - Plan ahead and allow for plenty of time to get to your destination. 
    - Listen to soothing music when you drive. 
    - Obey the speed limit and limit your distractions, like eating, drinking, or talking on your phone.

How should you handle an aggressive driver?

    - Try to get out of their way safely. 
    - Do not attempt to catch up to them. 
    - Avoid eye contact. Ignore any gestures.

To report aggressive driving call 239-252-9300 or the ZOOM traffic hotline at 239-530-ZOOM.

Call 9-1-1 if it is an emergency.