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Ongoing Missing Persons Investigations

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 Amber Alert Program

As you are aware there is an Amber Alert system which causes televisions and radios to pre-empt information to notify citizens of a “regional missing child” who is at great risk (only those meeting the national standards for Amber Alerts are broadcast). Our local Amber region is generally all of south Florida.

This service is also available for cell phones, but you must subscribe to the service. It is FREE and there are NO CHARGES for the text messages sent to your phone.


When an Amber Alert is authorized a text message is sent from the statewide system to all cell phones in the area of the alert that subscribed to the Free service. The message will alert the cell phone owner that a child has been abducted, it will give vehicle and child descriptions and phone numbers to call if you see something.

This is a great service sponsored by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

The system has been attributed to several national rescues since it began. The system has been used in South Florida on several occasions with very positive results.


For those of you with Text Messaging capabilities on your “Personal Cell Phones” I would like for you to participate in the National Cell Phone Amber Program which is at no cost to you. Who knows one day your child might be abducted and someone with a cell phone may be the one who is right behind the fleeing vehicle and recovers your abducted child!

Go to and register your cell phone number to get FREE Amber Alert Calls.