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A Writ of Execution is a document that is issued as a result of a civil lawsuit in which a judgment was rendered. The writ commands the Sheriff to “levy on the goods and chattels of the defendant”. The following documents, plus deposits, are required before the Civil Process Bureau can proceed with a sheriff’s levy:

Writ of Execution (original or certified copy) 

Personal Property

Real Property

Instructions for Levy

Creditor’s Affidavit – pursuant to F.S. 56.27 (4)(a)(b) & (c)

Address of all parties to be noticed – MUST be listed in Creditor’s Affidavit

Same name affidavit – when applicable

Cost Deposit

Visit for information on How to Collect a Judgment in Florida

PLEASE note the Sheriff’s Office employees do not practice law, cannot give legal advice, nor assist in preparing documents.
  • All Sheriff’s Sales are held at the location advertised. The Notice of Sheriff’s Sale is published once per week for four (4) consecutive weeks in the Naples Daily News.

  • All property sold is subject to all prior liens. The Sheriff only sells the defendant’s right, title and interest in that property being sold.

  • All Sales are sold to the highest and best bidder, for cash, cashier’s check or money order.

  • Cashier’s Check or Money Order are made payable to Collier County Sheriff’s Office.