Weekend Work Program

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The Collier County Sheriff’s Office Weekend Work Program is one of several options which positively impact court-ordered individuals to continue their employment and family interactions while serving their court-ordered sentences.

Weekend Work Program participants serve in a community-based program that uses their labor to provide community projects for approved 501c3 not-for-profit and / or governmental organizations.

Upon being sentenced to serve a jail sentence on the Collier County Sheriff’s Office Weekend Work Program, one must fill out and submit a qualifier form within 24 hours. This is done in order to determine whether the defendant qualifies for the program.

Defendants must report to:

The Naples Jail Center                     -or-          The Immokalee Jail Center
3319 E. Tamiami Trail                                           302 Stockade Road
Naples, FL 34112                                                   Immokalee, FL 34142
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Defendants will be contacted within 48 hours, at which time they will be notified whether they qualify for the program. If they qualify, they will be given reporting instructions. If they do not qualify, the court-ordered conditions will be imposed; this will include that the jail sentence be served on the weekend lock down program or as straight jail time.

Prospective participants and their attorneys can download a Weekend Work Program qualifier form.  

Participants must also download, sign and bring with them the Weekend Work Program rules and regulations. You can find those here in English and in Spanish.

Participants must complete the Medical Form. Click here for the Medical Form

The completed forms may be e-mailed to jailrecords@colliersheriff.org or faxed to 239-252-9799.