Organize Or Participate In A Protest

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The Collier County Sheriff’s Office’s role when responding to any public protest is to maintain public safety.

Those who organize a protest or demonstration: 

 - Obtain and abide by all applicable permits such as those required for use of public facilities,
free-standing signs, etc. 

Those who attend a protest or demonstration should be aware:

 - They may not block vehicle or pedestrian traffic. Roads, driveways, building entrances and parking lots must not be obstructed.

 - Free speech activities cannot take place on private property without written consent of the owners.

 - Malicious statements about public officials and obscene speech are not protected under the First Amendment.  

 - State statutes and county ordinances will be strictly enforced, including those pertaining to noise and trespassing.

 - In addition, attendees should plan ahead when it comes to parking. Parking is not allowed on the road right-of-way. Vehicles parked illegally will be towed.

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