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Equivalency of Training

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The State of Florida will give you an exemption from the Basic Recruit Training for out-of-state, federal of military police officers who qualify.

A 2 week (92 hour) Equivalency of Training Academy for corrections and law enforcement officers is available for anyone who:

  1. Has been employed for at least 12 months within a 18-month period in a full-time, sworn position
  2. Has been separated from their most recent qualifying employment for no more than 8 years
  3. Has received training in the following areas:

Constitutional law and legal issues
Report Writing
First aid or equivalent
Correctional facility operations
Criminal investigations
Traffic control and stops
Legal issues
Interpersonal skills
Defensive tactics
Vehicle operations
Law Enforcement Patrol
Traffic crash investigations

Only an employing agency or an FDLE selection center can approve the academy application. Complete the form  CJSTC 76  through question 12, attach proof of training and send it to a Criminal Justice Selection Centers .  Please be aware that once you have been notified of exemption, you have only one (1) year to attend an approved Equivalency of Training course and pass the State Officer Certification Examination.

 The curriculum from your basic training academy is usually the best source for training information, but in-service training or college courses can also be used to meet the requirement for documentation.

Your experience may entitle you to additional money above the starting salary.