Substance Abuse Resources

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 Substance Abuse Resources

 Alcoholics Anonymous

     Free support group for those with drinking or substance problems      239-262-6535
 Narcotics Anonymous
   Free support group for those with substance problems    800-477-6291
 Cocaine Anonymous
   Free support group for cocaine abusers    866-819-5346

Collier Resource Center (CRC)

   Provides connection assistance for individuals and families    239-434-2030
 David Lawrence Center    Detox and substance abuse and treatment. Ability to access grants for treatment, accepts most insurance. Provides Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).    239-455-8500

 6075 Bathey Lane,
 Naples FL 34116
 Betty Ford Clinic
   Substance abuse treatment. Accepts most 
 insurances. Offers residential or outpatient
 treatment for 18+. Specialty program for 
 people 50+. Provides Medication Assisted
 Treatment (MAT).

 950 6th Ave.
 Naples, FL 34112
 The Willough    Psychiatric hospital. Provides treatment for
 mental health and addiction. Accepts most
 insurance and Medicare
   800-722-0100 or local at 239-775-4500

 9001 Tamiami Trail E.
 Naples, FL 34113
 Justin's Place
 St. Matthews
   Faith based substance abuse treatment, 
 8 month program. Part of St. Matthews

 2001 Airport-Pulling Rd. S
 Naples, FL 34112
 New Seasons
 Formerly Metro TX Center


 Treats opioid addiction with Medication Assisted
 Treatment (MAT) including methadone and 
 buprenorphine. Accepts some insurances
 and Medicaid.


 Family and Friend Resources

 Alanon     Free Support group for family
 and friends of substance abusers
   Free support group for families
 and friends of substance abusers
 Limited local groups but
 phone meetings.
   Free support group for parents of substance  abusers    909-621-6184
 Avow-Grief Support
   Free support referrals or group/individuals
 who are grieving


 Other Resources

 Collier 211     Resource directory for services in Collier County     888-369-7688 or local 239-261-7112 or
 Drug Free Collier    Local resources for substance abuse information
 Offers education and prevention for children and
   Resources for Veterans. Provides access to 
 a wide variety of benefits for veterans.
   Support for those at risk for suicide
 Collier County 
 Health Dept.
   General health information and services    239-252-8200

 3339 Tamiami Trail East, Suite 145
 Bldg H. Naples, FL 34112