Mental Health Unit / CIT

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Mental Health Unit (MHU)

Communities are seeking answers to managing mental health issues. The Collier County Sheriff's Office Mental Health Unit (MHU) is committed to aiding people in behavioral crisis resulting from known or suspected mental illness and drug or alcohol addiction.

The CCSO MHU follows up on incidents where the core issue is a mental health crisis and or a threat to public safety.

Mental Health Unit Officers:
  • Provide external support for the community
  • Are involved in the Treatment Court Team
  • Are a liaison with our community partners
  • Are a part of the Mental Health Intervention Team
  • Are essential with law enforcement assisted diversion
  • Provide internal support for CCSO members

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

This program is a community partnership between law enforcement, mental health professionals and families. The program's goal is to help people with mental illness and related disorders access medical treatment rather than place them in the criminal justice system.