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State of Florida - Office of the Governor, Executive Orders 


1.  We are planning on leaving FL to go northward.  Is I-75 open? Yes.

2. Own a home cleaning business can we still work? Yes.

3. What businesses are essential? For specific information, you can click here:
 We can tell you that essential businesses include the following:

• healthcare providers, including pharmacies

•  grocery stores and other establishments engaged in the retail sale of food or other household consumer products (such as cleaning and personal care products)

•  food cultivation

•  businesses providing services for necessities of life for economically disadvantaged or otherwise needy individuals

•  media services

•  gas stations and auto repair and supply facilities

•  the provision of propane and natural gas

•  banks

•  hardware stores

•  services that are necessary to maintain safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences and other structures

•  mailing and shipping services

•  private colleges but only as needed to facilitate distance learning and university, college, or technical college residence halls to the extent needed to accommodate students who cannot return to their homes

•  laundry service providers

•  restaurants, businesses that ship or deliver food directly to residences, and schools and other entities that provide free food services to students and members of the public

•  office supplies

•  private transportation providers

•  home-based care, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, adult day care centers, and senior residential facilities

•  professional services, such as legal and accounting services, when necessary to assist in compliance with legally mandated activities

•  landscaping and pool care

•  childcare facilities subject to certain limitations

•  businesses operating at airports, seaports, or other government facilities

•  pet supply stores

•  logistics providers

•  telecommunications providers

•  open construction sites

•  architectural, engineering, or land surveying services

•  factories, manufacturing facilities, bottling plants, or other industrial uses

•  waste management services

•  businesses interacting with customers solely through electronic or telephonic means and delivering products via delivery services

•  businesses providing services to any local, state, or Federal government, including municipalities, pursuant to a contract with such government

•  office space and administrative support necessary to provide listed activities

•  private and municipal boat launches and marinas consistent with other emergency orders

•  hotels, motels, or other commercial lodging establishments consistent with other emergency orders

•  veterinarians and pet boarding facilities

•  mortuaries, funeral homes, and cemeteries

•  the sale of alcoholic beverages consistent with Executive Order 20-71

•  firearm and ammunition supply stores

 4.  How will the Sheriff’s Office be enforcing the Safer at Home order?
A violation is a second-degree misdemeanor punishable by up to a $500 fine and 60 days in jail. That said, our goal is to continue partnering with our community for voluntary compliance. This has worked well for us to this point and we believe it will continue to be our best approach moving forward. We can tell you that in the majority of instances we will not stop vehicles and ask drivers where they are going. We will be making contact with groups of 10 or more to educate them on the requirements of the Safe at Home order and asking them to disperse.  As a last resort we will issue a Notice to Appear.

5.    What businesses are open? Businesses that provide essential services as listed in item #3 are open to the public.

6.  I’m a business owner and is there a letter or something to give my employees so they can come in to work? They do not need documentation.

7.  Will vehicles be stopped on the road to enforce the stay at home order? No.

8.  Are boat ramps open?
The Caxambas Park boat ramp and the boat ramp at Naples Landings are closed. At this time all other public boat ramps in Collier County are open. The FWC’s Florida Public Boat Ramp Finder is updated every 24-hours to include information regarding boat ramp open/closed status. You can find the boat ramp finder here.

9.  Rental homes can they still be rented? Vacation rentals in Florida are currently prohibited by order of Gov. DeSantis.

10.  Is there a curfew? Currently there are no curfews in Collier County.

11.  Are swimming pools in communities still open? There is nothing in the order that prohibits community swimming pools from being open, However, the social distancing and group limits are applicable.

12.  Will mobile businesses be able operate? All businesses or organizations are encouraged to provide delivery, carry-out or curbside service outside of the business or organization, of orders placed on-line or via telephone, to the greatest extent practicable.

13.  May I attend religious services? Under Gov. DeSantis’ Safer at Home order people may attend religious services.

14.  May I go boating?   Yes. Vessels must be at least 50 feet apart from each other and there can be no more than 10 people on a boat. In addition, state-owned islands, beaches, sand bars and emergent shoals, are closed and vessel landings are prohibited.