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CCSO Names February “Do The Right Thing” Winners

Post Date:02/07/2019 12:30 PM

The Collier County Sheriff's Office adopted the "Do the Right Thing" program in January 1988, and has honored hundreds of children for acts that reinforce good behavior, positive acts and outstanding accomplishments in the community.

The following students were recognized:

Tristene Barbera, sixth grade, Oakridge Middle School

One day Tristene spotted a $100 bill and another student’s assignments on the ground in the school’s courtyard area. Tristene gathered the papers and $100 bill and brought them to the Youth Relations deputy so they could be returned to the rightful owner.

Mia Anzualda-Perez, fourth grade, Avalon Elementary School

When Mia decided to cut her long hair, she made sure to have 10 inches of it donated to the “Wigs For Kids” program. Mia was inspired to do so after watching a video on Facebook about a little girl dealing with cancer.

Lilah Jade Bedi and Madalyn Jade Rankin, third grade, Calusa Park Elementary School

While a deputy was driving home he encountered Lilah and Madalyn selling lemonade at the corner of Sabal Palm and Lady Palm drives in East Naples. The deputy learned Lilah and Madalyn set up the stand to help raise funds for one of their classmates who was recently diagnosed with cancer. 

Kaylee Henry, kindergarten, and Violet Henry, sixth grade, Everglades City School

Kaylee and Violet decided to set up a lemonade stand to raise money for sick children. In addition to the stand, they made several cancer awareness ribbons and set up shop in front of a hardware store in Everglades City. In just two hours they raised more than $400, which they donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Zacchaeus Salters and Sebastiano Ray, second grade, Lake Park Elementary School

While on a field trip, Zacchaeus and Sebastiano noticed one of their classmates was having difficulty breathing. They immediately rendered aid to their friend, who was then able to breathe again, and then notified the teacher. 

Trenton Mayberry, ninth grade, Everglades City School

One day Trenton found a random set of Apple Airpod headphones at his school. Trenton took the Airpods directly to the school principal to help find their rightful owner. 

Adrian Arreguin-Hernandez, fifth grade, Mike Davis Elementary School

Adrian serves as a Peer Mentor at his school and currently mentors a third-grade student. Adrian routinely checks with his mentee’s teacher to see how he can help. Recently Adrian learned his mentee was having a hard time turning in math assignments on time or completed so he worked extra hard to form a strategy with his mentee that would work. Adrian was so proud when the student he mentored was able to answer questions correctly thanks to the strategy he shared.


Want to nominate a kid for a "Do The Right Thing" award? Visit to learn more.

ABOVE: Photo by Cpl. Debra Gross/CCSO

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