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Do The Right Thing Winners

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"Do The Right Thing" Winners 2016 - 2017

May 15, 2017 WINNERS


Samuel (Sammy) Faustin and Cesare (Chez) Mellusi - Naples High      

During a Code RED that occurred at Naples High School in March, Sammy and Chez jumped into action to help a fellow classmate evacuate and get to a safe place during all of the chaos. Their classmate was in a full leg brace and had crutches. Sammy and Chez carried her from the second story of the school and across the street. They were nominated by a very thankful mother for their actions. This act of kindness and heroism is what doing the right thing is all about.                                                   Thank you Sammy and Chez for doing the right thing! 

Sean Richard Phillips - Gulf Coast High - 10th Grade   

Sean played football for the under 14 Gulf Coast Sharks youth football organization. After he aged out he approached the executive board and requested to volunteer for any open position. He was assigned as a junior coach to the 5 and 6 year old squad. Sean has volunteered since fall 2015 and is currently involved with off season conditioning, all while maintaining a 3.52 GPA. He volunteers at least 6 hours a week at practice and coaches an early morning game on Saturday mornings. When he is done coaching, he spends the rest of the day in the press box where he is an announcer, timekeeper and film tech resulting in a 12 hour day giving back to his community. He is a great positive role model for these young children. Sean is also a Cadet Technical Sergeant in the Civil Air Patrol, Naples Squadron. Sean is a shining example of positivity! Thank you Sean for Doing The Right Thing! 

Briseida Mendoza - Immokalee Middle - 8th Grade

While at school, Briseida found a cell phone that had been left in the girls bathroom on a counter. Briseida took the phone and turned it in to Cpl. Solomon. The very grateful owner was located and the phone was returned. Thank you Briseida, for thinking of others and for Doing The Right Thing!

River Hollander - Big Cypress Elementary - 4th Grade 

River had received some money as a Christmas present. River decided that he wanted to donate the money to Big Cypress Elementary Autism unit to help buy school      supplies. Most children at this age would think about    buying themselves something, but River decided it was better to give than to receive. Thank you River, for Doing The Right Thing!

Aaron Meissner - Naples High - 12th Grade 

On March 2, 2017, there was a Code Red declared at Naples High School. During the evacuation process, Cpl. Brown lost his favorite pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses. Aaron saw them fall from Cpl. Brown’s head and picked them up before they could be stepped on. Later in  the day and without hesitation, he returned them to a grateful Cpl. Brown. This is a great example of a student Doing The Right Thing. Thank you Aaron!

Aubrey Garcia - Golden Gate High - 10th Grade 

On February 11, 2017, Aubrey was at Great Clips where her neighbor saw her and asked how she was. During their conversation Aubrey mentioned that she was there to donate her hair to kids that have cancer and lose their hair during treatment. This is something that most young people in high school would not be thinking about, but Aubrey was. The requirement for donating is least 10 inches of your hair for it to work for making wigs. That’s a big donation. Thank you Aubrey for your selflessness and willingness to give to those that are fighting for their lives! You are truly making a difference and Doing The Right Thing! 

Isabella Gonzalez - Cypress Palm Middle - 6th Grade  

During Sports Club Isabella noticed two boys that were stealing candy bars from the concession stand and it was unnoticed by staff. Isabella went to staff members and told them what she had witnessed. The staff then investigated and determined who the students were and they were disciplined.  Isabella did what was right by telling the staff about the theft even though it’s not always the popular thing to do. Thank you Isabella for your willingness to speak up and help catch those that were doing wrong. Now that’s Doing The Right Thing!

Ashlynn Olesky - Pine Ridge Middle - 7th Grade 

While at a Valentines dance at Pine Ridge Middle School in February, Ashlynn found some money on the floor. It would’ve been easy to slip the money into her pocket and walk away, but she chose to take it to an adult volunteer that was working at the dance. Ashlynn should be proud of her great moral character. Thank you Ashlynn, for Doing The Right Thing!

Clarence Limage - Immokalee Middle - 7th Grade   

While at school Clarence always tries to be a good   student. On two separate occasions there were fights taking place in the classroom. Clarence stepped into both of the fights attempting to calm things down and help facilitate peace in the classroom. His teacher appreciates his good moral character and willingness to help and keep things calm. What a great example for other classmates. Thank you Clarence, for Doing The Right Thing! 

Betchedade (BB) Meo - Immokalee Middle - 7th Grade  

In late January, Betchedade reported to her counselor, that her friend had said that she was having personal issues that required some adult attention. The counselor approached Betchedade’s friend and she got the help that she needed.  What a great friend you are Betchedade!  

In March, Betchedade and her friends helped Deputy Solomon solve a theft case . Betchedade was talking to her friends, and overheard another student talking about  stealing money. Betchedade and her friends  reported the information to Deputy Solomon, and it lead to the recovery of the missing money. Thank you Betchedade, for Doing The Right Thing!

Alexyss Melanson - Everglades City - 10th Grade   

Alexyss attends Everglades City School and participates in a program called Teaching Principles. 
On February 16th, Alexyss was assisting Mr. Tribble teach the Pre-K art class. Mr. Tribble suddenly suffered a medical emergency. Alexyss immediately took control of the class, keeping the children calm, running to get another teacher to assist Mr. Tribble, and called 911. 
Alexyss took the Pre-K students to another room as rescue units arrived so they would not see what was happening with their teacher. She stayed with the    children until another teacher could take over the class. Mr. Tribble was transported to the hospital, where he remained for over a week.
Alexyss remained calm and handled this emergency situation, with multiple tasks that all required immediate action. She was able to prioritize the tasks to assure the health and safety of everyone involved. 
Mr. Tribble was able to return to work after a couple of weeks, and we are happy that he is here today to recognize Alexyss for her quick thinking and actions. Alexyss, you ARE Doing The Right Thing!

Gino Capone, Stephanie Garcia, Anna Jane Zieminski - Gulfview Middle - 8th Grade   

Gino, Stephanie and Anna Jane have gone above and beyond to reach out to a new girl at Gulfview Middle School. The new student was having many difficulties getting around the school, being able to talk to anyone, and participate in a school setting. All three students started getting to know her, and helping her feel comfortable on a middle school campus, and those choices have been life-changing for the new student. They are role-models to their peers for reaching out to someone new that they did not know. They demonstrated kindness and showed other students how everyone should be treated. Thank you Gino, Stephanie and Anna Jane you are all wonderful examples of Doing The Right Thing!

Kattorria March - Highlands Elementary - 5th Grade    

When an electronic item went missing from a classroom, Kattorria was quick to report the student who had taken the item. The student denied having the item, but Kattorria insisted that the other student had taken it. In the end, Kattorria stuck to her story and the item was recovered. Way to go Kattorria! You definitely are Doing The Right Thing! 

David Alzamora - Oakridge Middle - 8th Grade

In March, after the school day, David telephoned the principal of Oakridge Middle School to report that a   fellow student had told David that he planned to bring a gun to school the next day and shoot some students. The information was quickly reported to the schools Youth Relations Deputy who responded to the residence of the student that made the threat. David's alertness and decisiveness in reporting important information to an adult avoided a potential tragedy. Oakridge Middle School is proud of David for his commitment to the safety of his school and, for Doing The Right Thing!

Jolienne Senat, Kayla Etienne, Ashley Decius, Yveca Alexis - Immokalee Middle - 8th Grade

On Wednesday, March 28, 2017, Kayla, Jolienne, Ashley and Yveca heard a student talking about stealing money. They immediately reported the information to the school’s Youth Relations Deputy, who investigated what they reported, leading to the recovery of the money. Without their help it is very unlikely that the money would have been recovered. Kayla, Jolienne, Ashley and Yveca, thank you, for Doing The Right Thing!

Vanna Sroka - Gulf Coast High - 9th Grade 

Vanna was on her way to school early in the morning while it was still dark out. She observed a 6 year old child walking in the middle of the road into her subdivision. Without thinking Vanna ran out to the child and was able to take his hand to remove him from the road. She took the child back to her house and her mother called 911 to report the incident. As it turns out, this child is Autistic. He was able to unlock the front door and leave his house while his  parents were sleeping. When Vanna found him, he was about 20 to 30 yard's from Immokalee Rd. and heading in that direction. He was also about 10 yards away from a very large and deep canal. He was in a very congested area at a time that drivers would have had a hard time seeing him.
Vanna stepped up to the plate and did the right thing. Instead of ignoring what she saw, she acted upon it. In doing this I believe that she saved this child's life. The traffic in this area is some of the heaviest and fastest  moving we have in the County at this time of the   morning. The height of the child would have made him almost impossible to see at this time of the day. Great job by this young lady. She was observing her surroundings as she walked to school. Vanna, you are a Hero to this little boys family and to all of us!  Thank you for jumping in to help, and for Doing The Right Thing! 

Quincy Telfort -Manatee Middle - 8th Grade

On April 11, 2017, a student reported to his teacher that his wallet had been stolen. The deputy went back and checked the cameras, as well as interviewed a few staff members. Putting together a timeline of what might have happened, he was able to observe Quincy Telfort find the wallet (which had been placed by the suspect) in an area trying to conceal it. Quincy immediately notified a staff member and brought the wallet to the front office. While both students are in different classes, Quincy, who has Intellectual Exceptionalities, knew what needed to be done and "Did the Right Thing" !! Quincy has a love for Law Enforcement and hopes to be a Special Agent with the F.B.I. someday. Thank you Quincy for being such a fine example to your fellow students and for Doing The Right Thing! 

Roidelain Duverne - Immokalee Middle - 6th Grade

During class at Immokalee Middle School a student  inadvertently dropped $60.00 cash on the floor. Roidelain found the cash and immediately turned it into his teacher. The teacher was able to find who it belonged to and returned it to them. Roidelain showed great character  and honesty in his good deed. Way to go Roidelain and thank you for Doing The Right Thing! 

Ashley Victoria Murillo - Immokalee Middle - 6th Grade

Ashley found out that her friend brought a razor to school. Knowing that her friend has previously harmed her self with a razor and fearing her friend was going to hurt herself again, Ashley removed the razor from her friends possession and reported the incident to a staff member. Her friend was safe and no longer able to hurt herself. Ashely’s actions were brave and she showed how much she cared about her friend, by potentially saving her friends life. Thank you Ashley, for being a great friend and for     Doing The Right Thing! 

Daniela Jimenez-Andres - Immokalee Middle - 8th Grade

Daniela learned that another student at her school was in possession of marijuana. She reported what she knew to school staff. School staff located the marijuana on the student and the school deputy was notified. Daniela did what she knew was right instead of keeping silent. Thank you Daniela, for Doing The Right Thing!   


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